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Wi-Fi operations

Hardware: OR3X TW

Software NVGate : V10 - V11 - V2021 (incompatibility with NVgate V12)

All Teamwork instruments support Wi-Fi operation . It is necessary to purchase the Wi-Fi dongle (ORNV-WIF-D) form OROS. Wi-Fi operation is not compatible with other Wi-Fi dongles type. The analyzer must be configured once prior to access it through Wi-Fi.


1 wifi.PNG

1. Connect your PC to the analyzer with the Ethernet cable.

2. From the Connection dialog.

3. Select DHCP server

4. Enable the Wi-Fi.

5. Enter the password and click on Ok (default password is : "12345678" (... or "orosoros")

6. Plug the Wi-Fi dongle to the USB port on the back plane of the analyzer and restart the analyzer

7. Check your PC's Wi-Fi configuration application: The configured analyzer SSID should appear. 2 wifi.PNG

8. Connect to the Analyzer by Wi-Fi: use the configured pass-phrase.

3 wifi.PNG

9. Unplug the network cable BEFORE you launch NVGate

10. Launch NVGate

11. In the startup screen NVGate connection the analyzer is available for running NVGate through Wi-Fi