NVGate 2021: Install Process

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What's new ?

What do you need ?


This version is available for OROS customers under warranty or maintenance contract.

You need to ask your local OROS distributor for the .zip keys.

Download NVGate version

Download the latest version here.


  • Extract NVGate version
  • Launch the setup.exe and follow the instructions.(No need to input the key during the install)
  • When the window "NVGate environment" appears, press ok.
  • Start NVGate, the window below is displayed.
    • update the keys
      • 1) Select the item (analyzer or dongle) for which you want to update the license keys.
      • 2) Select the .ZIP archive containing your new license key files.
      • 3) The license key files will be automatically copied in the NVGate installation folder and the keys of your analyzer and USB dongle will be encrypted.


  • update firmware

Firmware: click on update firmware, it will automatically update the firmware.

That's all. NVGate is updated.


Encrypt keys

If any issue during the encrypt keys, follow this process :

1) Extract the .zip keys file

2) Rename the .txt by a .bat

3) Copy the keys (.bat and .cfg) on the install directory of NVGate (next to NVGate.exe)

4) Plug dongle and analyzer

5) launch the .bat associated to the hardware/dongle serial number.

The dongle/hardware is updated.

Old version