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Start NVGate directly with a model and a Microsoft report directly set. This is useful for operators in production environments.



Compatible with NVGate V12.00 or upper.


This program will automatically:

1) Launch NVGate in connected mode

2) Create a copy of a word or excel document and open it

3) Open an NVGate Project

4) Load an NVGate Model

5) Select the opened document in the report Tab

The Refresh.exe, Refreshandprint.exe and RefreshAndSave.exe can be used in a Macro to automatically update and save the report.


1) Configure the initialization file (.ini) with notepad.

Auto rep.png

Tips: To connect with an OR10, type “or10=True” and use the following IP:

To connect with an OR3X analyzer, the “DHCP server” option of the analyzer must be disabled.

For both OR3X and OR10, your computer must have a fixed IP address.

  2) Put the NVGate_AutoReport.exe next to the .ini and launch it. You may create a shortcut to this application on the desktop of your computer.


You can put Refresh.exe, RefreshAndSave.exe, and Refreshandprint.exe in C:\OROS\NVGate data\Links.

Refresh will refresh the word/excel document. RefreshAndSave will save the report as “Current Name + Version_N” Refresh and print will refresh and print the word excel document.

Tips: Select .pdf creator as a default Windows OS printer.