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The "Tools" tab

The tool tab contains powerful and helpful tools to automate repetitive tasks made with the analyzers

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See Macro Page


See Macro Page

Control Panel

See control panel Page


See Mask/alarm Page

Virtual inputs

This group gives access to the real-time computation between channels.

See Virtual Input page


This part of the Tools tab provides a link to external software. One a target is selected, each mousse click on the Execute button launches the target software. As a reminder, the target software can be any executable file from windows (.bat, .exe, shortcuts, etc...). Simply add one target in the c:/OROS/NVGated Data/Links directory and you will be able to use directly for the NVGate interface.

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Select application:

Reports Tools Ribbons 200.png Displays the application selected within the list of applications available. All applications must be located in the directory Links.


Reports Tools Ribbons 201.png Runs the selected application.

Also note that a link can be execute with a Macro