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Let's find general information and FAQ about battery information.

Disclaimer: this page could be not up to date. Be aware than regulation about battery and transportation are quite complex and can change over time. Please follow the regulation of your country and your carrier for up to date information.


OR35V1 - OR36 V1 V2 TW and OR38 V1

Nimh battery.

Manufacturer FORCEE : MSDS OR35V1 - OR36 V1 V2 TW and OR38 V1


NiMh Battery

Manufacturer GPMSDS OR38TW


Nimh battery.

Manufacturer can be GP or Forsee. Ask oros with your analyzer serial number, if you need to know the manufacturer.

Manufacturer GP: MSDS GP

Manufacturer FORSEE: MSDS Forsee


Lithium ion battery.

MSDS Lithium ions OR35 TW battery


Lithium ions battery.

OR10 - IEC62133 conformity test


Nimh Battery.


Cargo transport

Nimh battery -OR34V1 - OR35V1 - OR36 and OR38 : V1,V2 , TW

No Restriction , nothing to declare.

Lithium ion battery OR35TW and OR10

It is Forbiden to transport a battery alone. The battery need to be inside the analyzer.


DHL : you can can have some issue for lithium ion battety, we advice to avoid DHL for this.

Contact your carrier to inform him. Genreally speaking, on the shipping document you can thick a box and say you have lithium ion battery INSIDE the material.

Then you need to download this 2 document below and put it on the parcel. doc 1 and doc 2

Traveling by airplane

Lithium ion battery : OR35TW and OR10

Forbiden in “check it in”

Ok in hand luggage.

Nimh batterie : OR34V1 - OR35V1 - OR36 and OR38 : V1,V2 , TW

OK to check it in.

OK in hand luggage.


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