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Compute 2D main stress/strain values from rosette measurements

Compatibility : NVGate V12 or upper

A strain gauge rosette is a term for an arrangement of three strain gauges that are positioned closely together in order to measure strains along different directions in the component under test. Use of multiple strain gauges enables global stress amplitude and phase to be determined. The rosette add-on calculates this global stress from a rosette measurement.


Download here

NVGate: Demo signal to test


"Rosette" tool is an NVGate Add-on to perform calculation of the angle / magnitude of the main stress from the rosette’s micro Strain :

It is advised to copy the application add-on "RosetteAddon.exe" within theNVGat "Link" directory "C: \ OROS \ NVGate data \ Links". Thus, it will be possible to access it via the "Tools" tab of NVGate : Sans titre.png

How to use

This plugin works only on a signal already recorded, you must first load this signal in the player, then you can launch the plugin. Then you just need to fill in the configuration of the rosette, the corresponding inputs, the modulus of Young, Poisson Coeff and then compute. This may take some time depending on the size of the signal, even if the program "does not respond", wait for confirmation "Done" validating the correct operation.

Manual - Rosette 04.gif