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Analyzer acoustic vibration multichannel
FFT analyzers

The OROS series multi-function FFT analyzer is PC-based, high-performance, high reliability and easy to operate.

We have further increased the arithmetic processing speed and increased the real-time analysis capacity to more than 16 times that of the conventional model (OR20 series). An ethernet LAN cable is used as the interface.

In addition, the number of simultaneous recording channels in the frequency range (40 kHz) has been expanded to a maximum of 1000 channels and the dynamic range has been improved to 140 dB. These improvements allow a user to measure time signals over a wide frequency range simultaneously on multiple channels.

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Main Features

  • From 2-32 channels
  • Synchronous measurements up to 1000ch is possible by combining multiple analyzers (*)
  • Compact and lightweight (4ch model 1.5kg, 10ch model 3.0kg)
  • Achieves high-speed communication with a PC through an ethernet LAN interface
  • Equipped with an output channel as a standard
  • Built-in internal battery as a standard
  • Record, Fast Fourier Transform analysis, octave analysis, and tracking analysis can be performed simultaneously at high sampling frequencies
  • Realtime measurements and post-analysis can be performed with the same software platform (NVGate)
  • In addition to sound and vibration, strain and temperature can be measured at the same time using XPODS (**)
  • CAN-bus module compatible (***)
  • Recording is possible with analyzer in standalone mode or in conjunction with a PC (****)

(*) Synchronous measurements that combine multiple analyzers is possible only for TW OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38.

(**) The strain / temperature module(XPOD) can be installed only on TW OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38.

(***) CAN-bus module can be installed only on OR10/ TW OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38.

(****) Stand-alone measurements are possible only with SSD-equipped models OR10 / TW OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38.

Introducing the hardware

OROS instrument analyzer for noise and vibration

Small and lightweight

OR10-8ch model: 0.8kg

O4: 4ch model: 0.5kg

OR35 TW: 10ch model: 3.0kg

OR36 TW: 16ch model: 5.2kg

OR38 TW: 32ch model: 8.2kg

Ethernet LAN interface

Back of FFT analyzer : ethernet connection for PC

Achieves high-speed communication with a PC through an ethernet LAN interface

Built-in battery

OR10/ OR35/ TW OR36 / TW OR38: Models have a built-in battery.

OR10 can be operated by battery for 4hours

OR35 can be operated by battery for 3 hours.

TW OR36 / TW OR38 can be operated by battery for 2 hours.

04 operate with battery PC.

External battery

External battery on spetrum analyzer

We provide a compact and lightweight external battery that can be installed on all models.

Can be used for up to 8 hours with one external battery.

Can be stored in a "PC integrated carrying case".

Synchronous Measurement Of Up To 1000 Channels is Possible by Combining Multiple Analyzers

(TW OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38 only)

High-precision synchronous measurements (0.2 ° @ 20kHz) are possible by simply connecting each analyzer using a general-purpose LAN cable. Function measurements can be taken with the hammer connected to the third unit in the chain and the accelerometers connected to each unit. Tracking analysis can be completed with the accelerometers connected to each unit while using a tachometer connected to the second unit in the chain.

cascade mode

Measure From Sound / Vibration and Strain Gauge / Temperature

(OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38 only)

Temperature and straing conditionner

By mounting a strain gauge conditioner and thermocouple conditioner on the Oros FFT analyzer, it is possible to measure strain and temperature data in addition to sound and vibration data.

Thermocouple amplifier: Supports types J, K, T, N, E (with temperature compensation)

CAN-bus Module Available

Can bus to add on OROS instrument

(OR10/ TW OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38 only)

By using the CAN-bus module, tracking analysis can be performed using information such as the engine speed flowing from the CAN-bus. By using this function, tracking analysis can be performed without using a tachometer.

Recording is possible without the use of a PC by using the FFT analyzer in stand alone mode

(OR35 / TW OR36 / TW OR38 only)

Vibration time signal Measurement without PC

The FFT analyzer is equipped with a record-only button. Simply select a predefined measurement setup and press the record button to record onto the FFT analyzer alone without the use of a PC.

In addition, the back of the Fast Fourier Transform Spectrum Analyzer Multipurpose is equipped with an audio terminal and power supply. It is possible to record audio data while also measuring the time signal. The analyzer also can supply power to required sensors, such as proximity probes, tachometers and DC sensors.

all the plug available on the backside of instrment

Software Introduction

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time measurement / post-analysis can be performed with the same software platform (NVGate)
  • One-click report creation function

Start the Measurement Quickly and Easily

You can start measuring immediately by using the quick function provided in the OROS FFT analyzer mult function. This is completed by defining the number of input channels in the channel field and the measurement/analysis content in the show results area.

The Oros series FFT spectrum analyzer multifunction uses an interface similar to the ribbon interface used by Microsoft Office. All menus are accessible via the ribbon interface, making it easy to change measurement settings.

NVgate ribbon technology

One-click Setting Function

With the Oros series multi-purpose FFT analyzer, you can display related measurement condition settings by double-clicking on the measurement screen. For example, if you double-click on the FFT analysis screen, the dialog for setting the measurement conditions for FFT analysis will be displayed on the screen as shown below.

Parameters easy to change

Control Panel

In addition, the OROS FFT spectrum analyzer is equipped with a control panel function that allows users to save frequently used measurement settings for quick access. By using this function, all settings can be changed on the control panel. For example, the following is the setting screen for a hammer test. By saving the input settings, threshold settings, and FFT analysis settings to the control panel as shown below, it is possible to make all the necessary settings quickly by only using the control panel.

Control easily the software

Various filters can be applied to recorded signals & FFT analysis results

Four types of filters: Low-pass filter, high-pass filter, band-bus filter, and band-stop filter, can be applied to the results of recorded signal and FFT analysis. By using a filter, it is possible to remove abnormal noise components from the recorded signal and perform processing such as reproducing the extracted abnormal noise components.

Filter analyzer

Extract arbitrary order components from the color spectrum graph in real time

Any order component can be extracted in real time from the color spectrum graph.

order extraction on vibration software

Easy-to-read Layout

The area for arranging windows is called a layout. The OROS multi function FFT analyzer can create up to 16 layouts per project. You can easily arrange your windows by using the layout function. And your windows will open the same way each time.

It is possible to display up to 32 screens in one layout.

Up to 512 windows (= 16 x 32) can be displayed.

Layout utilization example:

Layout 1: Record waveform, FFT analysis result, order ratio analysis result displayed

Recorder and FFT together

Layout 2: Display 3D frequency analysis results and 3D order ratio analysis results

NVGate software on line measurement

Layout 3: Display 3D octave analyzer analysis results

Acoustic measurement with octave

Easy operation <Graph layout selection button>

You can easily arrange windows just by selecting the grid menu.

Grid icone

Batch copy of measurement data with one menu. Numerical data can be transferred to Excel all at once.

export your data

Data measured at different times can be overwritten by dragging which allows for easily comparing measurement data.

Software NVGate

One-click report creation function

Simply click the report button located on the ribbon interface to create a report file containing the current measurement results.

report all windows

• The content of the report is customizable. Customize it to the format that best suits your needs.

Post analysis vibration software

Measurement data search function

cloud vibration data

Various information (meta-data) can be added when saving measurement data. You then can search for measurement data and projects based on the added information.


  • Project name
  • Measurement date and time
  • Measurement conditions
  • Measurement target
  • Measurement site
  • User

Acoustic and vibration search function

Fail judgment function as standard

The pass / fail feature of NVGate can be performed automatically after setting the desired bounds.

In the example below, a dialog is displayed when the product fails, but it is also possible to output a contact signal instead of the dialog.

Failed pass test on resonnance frequency test

Automate post-analysis processing

The same processing can be continuously performed for record files measured multiple times. By using this function, it is possible to automate the generation of reports, and it is possible to generate the same number of post-analysis results and EXCEL-based reports as record files with one click. Processing that used to take more than a week can now be done in a few hours.

Offline measurement


Main specifications

O4 OR10 OR35 OR36 OR38
Dynamical Input channel
Number of analysis channels 2, 4 4, 8 6, 10
(Select Analysis or tachometer on 2 channels)
4, 8, 12, 16 8, 16, 24, 32
Terminal shape BNC Lemo (deliverd with "Lemo to BNC" cable) BNC
Input coupling and sensor support Compatible with AC, DC / ICP (sensor with built-in amplifier) ​​and TEDS
Cutoff frequency -3dB at AC cutoff frequency 0.35Hz
Input voltage range +/-: 100mV to +/-: 40V (auto range function)
Maximum voltage 60V
Anti-Aliasing filter 400dB / OCT
Input impedance 1MΩ <100pF
A / D converter 24-bit
Dynamic range >140dB
Channels-to-channels phase accuracy ± 0.02 ° (10V, 20kHz range)
Input filter Acoustic A, C, Z, low pass, high pass, band pass, integrator, differentiator, time axis integration function
Sampling frequency of the signal Select from 13 ranges between 102.4kHz and 2.048kHz.
Tachometer channel (Ext synch channels)
Number of input channels 2 channels 2 channels (up to 6 channels as an option)
Sampling frequency 6.4MHz (counter method)
Voltage range +/- 300mV 40V
DC input
number of input channels none Analysis channel can be switched and used
Voltage range none 22 bits, ± 40V, offset DC 100μV or less
Samplingfrequency none 15Hz or 12.5Hz
Calibration function
Calibration method Automatic sensitivity calculation by numerical input or reference signal (for position and standard vibration oscillatory meter)
How to use at the time of measurement Select by registered sensor name such as model name and machine number
Trigger function
Trigger type Edge, period, △ RPM, △ level, manual, multi (A or B, A and B, A after B)
Trigger delay Pre- and post-trigger functions
Trigger signal Select from any input channel
Record function
Sampling frequency 13 ranges from 102.4kHz to 2.048kHz possible to select 2 types of range together
A / D converter resolution 24-bit or 16-bit
Hard drive size PC hard drive 64 GB SSD 128 GB removable SSD hard drive (256GB or 512 GB optional)
FFT analysis performance
Analysis frequency range 0.8Hz-100kHz 0.8Hz-40kHz
FFT block size 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 1638
Number of analysis lines 101, 201, 401, 801, 1601, 3201, 6401
Zoom analysis 2 to 128 times (all channels at the same time)
Overlap setting 0-99.99%
Window function Flat Top, Hanning, Humming, Kaiser Vessel, Rectangular, Force / Response
Average mode Time, frequency, fdsa / linear, exponential, peak hold
Analysis / display function
Time series Real-time waveform, record waveform, DC, Max, Min, RMS
FFT analysis Linear power spectrum, average spectrum, PSD, cross spectrum,

transfer function (H1, H2), copying function

Display color Display color: Arbitrary specification of trace, cursor, background, and grid display colors
Time domain analysis (ORNV-TDA)
Analysis items Monitor display for arbitrary time (msec to day), effective value for arbitrary section, Min, Max, Peak,

Peak / Peak, RMS, DC, crest factor, Skew, Kurtosis

1/n octave analysis (ORNV-OCT)
method Digital filter operation on time domain
Analysis band 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 octave (IEC1260: 1995 Class 1, ANSI S1.11-1986)
Analysis frequency Simultaneous analysis of all channels at 20kHz is possible (DSP option may be required)
Average Fast, Slow, lmpulse, LEQ, constantBT, linear repeat,exponential
Multi-sound level meter [ORNV-OVA]
Operation method Time series signal digital operation
Acoustic weithing Linear, A, C
Measurement Leq, Fast, Slow, lmpulse, average, Peak, Max, Min
Average Fast, Slow, lmpulse, LEQ, constantBT, linear repeat,exponential
Synchronous Order tracking analysis [ORNV-ORD]
Analysis function Instantaneous and average spectrum,phase, order profile and overall.
Maximum rotation speed 1,200,000 RPM
Max analysis ordersetting 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400
Number of analysis lines 25-800
Analysis bandwidth resampling method and fixed sampling method
display Simultaneous display of 3D display and tracking order, simultaneous display of time signal
Rotational torsion analysis [ORNV-IVC]
Operation method Digital Frequnecy Voltage converter
Number of analysis channels 2ch 2ch (up to 6ch as an option)
Rotation diagnosis function [ORNV-FFTDiag]
Analysis items Envelope analysis, cepstrum, self-cross function, MAX, MIN, peak detection from block data, simulated tach,
Output Channel
Number of output channels 1ch (lemo conector, include) no output 2ch 2ch (up to 6ch as an option)
Output waveform Sinus, step sinus, sweep sinus, chirp, multi-sinus, random (pink and white), DC voltage, record signal Sinus, step sinus, sweep sinus, chirp, multi-sinus, random (pink and white), DC voltage, record signal
Digital / Analogic converter 24 bits 24 bits
Output voltage +/- 10V +/- 10V
Output Inpedence 50 Ω 50 Ω
Frequency range ~ 100kHz ~ 40kHz
Sweep mode Sweep and step, analyze, trigger and sync, linear and log Sweep and step, analyze, trigger and sync, linear and log
Synchronization with the analysis Synchronization and free run Synchronization and free run
Output protection Stabilization with time specification and forced stop button Stabilization with time specification and forced stop buttoz
Image and print Image, printing for Windows and user template creation function for Word and Excel
File TXT, UFF, MATLAB, WAV (OROS and Audio) SDF, binary, ATFX (optional)
Data entry WAV, TXT, UFF and OR20 series AE2
Dimensions / weight
Dimensions (width x height x depth mm) 35 x 110 x 185 37 x 174 x 120 56 × 246 × 222 102 x 260 x 311 102 x 364 x 311
Weight 0.5kg 0.85kg 2.8kg 5.2 kg 8.2 kg
Power supply
AC AC 100V-240V
DC USB 3.0 type C 5V USB 15V 10V-28V, 20VA 10V-28V, 60VA 10V-28V, 100VA
DC battery internal operating time (built-in) NA : using PC battery 4h 3h 2h 2h
Recommended operating temperature range 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
cooling fan Fan less Fan less Automatic control by built-in temperature sensor, forced stop possible (however, forced ON when the temperature rises above 50 ° C)

PC requirement

Connections Type: Ethernet, Connector: RJ45
Operating systems Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Recommended CPU : Quad core processor (Desktop : Intel Core i3 or Ryzen 3, Laptop : Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5)

RAM : 6 GB
Storage : SSD, 1 GB free + storage for signals


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  • Catalog download

    noise and vibration catalog download


    Applications/ Case study

    Main application and commonly used functions:

    FFT analyzers are used in research and development, quality control, inspection, service departments, etc.

    Improvements in vehicle quietness, ride quality, comfort, maneuverability, etc.

    Automotive noise and vibration

    Responding to quality problems caused by vibration and noise of vehicles and rotating equipment

    rotating machine vibration

    Environmental problems caused by noise from construction machinery, office machines, home appliances, etc.

    Acoutsic and vibration application

    Problems with processing accuracy due to minute vibrations in microscopes, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.

    Accuracy measurement

    A collection of application examples using the OROS FFT analyzer OROS series

    Introducing solution examples that can be provided by various functions unique to OROS FFT analyzers.

    • Vibration measurement of cutting machine
    Vibration measurement of cutting machine

    Introducing what approach can be taken using the OROS FFT Analyzer to identify mechanical resonance problems due to changes in cutting conditions.
    Download on my.oros.com (need register)

    • Monitoring of wind power generation equipment and abnormality diagnosis
    Monitoring vibration

    Measuring vibration noise generated from rotating machines (gearboxes, generators, etc.) in wind power generation equipment is indispensable for equipment maintenance and longevity. In addition to the real-time analysis capability of rotating machinery, which is the strength of the OROS FFT analyzer, remote control / monitoring and stand-alone functions can be used to more efficiently diagnose equipment for wind power generation equipment.
    Download on my.oros.com (need to register)

    • Diesel engine camshaft rotational twist measurement
    Diesel engine camshaft rotational twist

    In the prototype of a small diesel engine, there is a problem that the rotational torsional vibration of the timing belt and the camshaft resonates, causing a large vibration. By measuring rotational fluctuations and rotational twists with high accuracy using the six tachometer channels mounted on the OROS FFT analyzer, it is clarified which rotational order is dominant for vibration.

    Download on my.oros.com (need register)

    Some references:

    airplane automotive energy measurement

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